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Let’s Get Social – The Impact of Social Media in the Lifestyle Industry


The Impact of Social Media in the Lifestyle Industry

It’s no secret that social media changed a lot of things for a lot of industries – and lifestyle is no exception. Whether you run a retail outlet, food and beverage establishment, entertainment venue, fashion house, or something else, social media has undoubtedly shortened the road to purchase for consumers while making it easier for businesses to boost sales. Here are three ways social media makes it easier to build your following (and bottom line) in the lifestyle industry.

  1. Targeting. Unlike traditional advertising platforms like TV and radio – where you pay to broadcast to millions in the hopes that a few will want your product or service – social media targeting arms you with the power of isolation. Social media targeting lets you display posts and ads to highly specific audiences based on demographics, behaviours, interests, jobs, and beyond. And with over 2.5 billion (with a B) people on social media worldwide, you’re literally sitting on a goldmine of marketing potential – but you need to know how to leverage it.

  2. The Experience. Social media empowers brands to deliver memorable experiences that they could never offer 30, 20, or even a mere 10 years ago. You can use social media chatbots to keep the conversation going with your customers even when you’re asleep. You can target and retarget to help people find the products and services they need. The best Dubai creative agencies make it easy for you to help redirect people to your website and make a purchase in minutes. It’s all about the experience, which social media has completely transformed in the best way possible.

  3. Show Your Human Side. In the old world, consumers saw businesses as entities that were bigger than them – and perceived to be “better” than them. In the new digital arena, the playing field is even. People connect and resonate with brands that feel human – brands that chat to them on their level, not from a higher pedestal. And social media gives your business the chance to do just that by “Liking” and commenting on their posts and comments, messaging them directly, and so much more.

Social media has changed digital marketing – forever – for the better. But just having the tools isn’t enough. You need to know how to use them. For a social media marketing strategy that can (and will) skyrocket your business in the right direction, start a conversation with our creative agency in Dubai today.