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2021 Social Trends and the Rise of Marketing Automation


Everything You Need To Know

As of 2021, the marketing automation software sector is at an all-time high – and it’s projected to keep growing and hit an estimated USD$6.4 BILLION (with a B) by 2024. Emailmonday claims that more than 51% of businesses are already leveraging the power of marketing automation, and more than 58% have plans to. In other words: If you’re not, you’re behind. But what kind of marketing automation are we talking about here? Here are four of the latest social and marketing automation trends of 2021 that you can’t afford not to know about, courtesy of Design.Create – the social media agency in Dubai you can always count on.

    1. The Power of Personalisation. People have a deeply ingrained desire to feel special, so it’s unsurprising to know that the most successful brands on Earth today are those that personalise their customer experiences. Thankfully, today’s access to consumer data makes it easier than ever to build a highly specific and accurate profile of your ideal customer, their unique attributes and behaviours, purchasing habits, and more. Understanding who they are and what they want can help you personalise your brand’s message and even use predictive recommendations through hyper-personalisation to customise your audience’s journeys in real-time!


    1. Machine Learning. Speaking of predictive personalisation, savvy marketers use machine learning (MI) alongside data to increase engagement. Systems like these get to know a user’s behaviour every time they click on an ad or interact with your business, unlocking invaluable data that you can use to target with more personalised precision in future.


    Clever Marketing Possibilities. Whether you run a retail outlet or burger joint, social media opens the door to a whole new world of ingenious digital marketing tactics that basically put sales-generation on autopilot. Take birthday marketing for example – which is connected to the targeting we discussed earlier. You can create a year-round ad offering birthday specials, and set it to only show to people (and their friends) with birthdays coming up in the next few weeks. They’ll feel special, they’ll feel seen, they’ll feel enticed to visit your establishment and accept whatever birthday discount or special you’re offering. It’s so simple, it’s absolutely genius.

At the end of the day, it’s all about catering to your audience’s desire and demand for instant gratification. They want immediate answers, they want personal attention, and they want to feel special. Give them that, and your brand’s success is in the bag. But you need support from the best Dubai creative agencies to get the digital ball rolling in your favour. Ready?